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  1. Used Games
    Playstation 3 FEAR 2 Project Origin
    $20 CAD
  2. For Sale PS3 Warhawk

    Used Games
    PS3 Warhawk. Once you play it you won't stop. PS3! Playstation 3 necessity.
    $45 CAD
  3. Used Games
    PS3 Red Faction Guerrilla - this game is addictive
    $50 CAD
  4. Used Games
    PS3 Bioshock Infinite Playstation 3
    $40 CAD
  5. General Discussion, News & Rumors
    Sony has a patent for smart glasses and a case that serve as an augmented reality/mixed reality/virtual reality gaming system. The patent is mostly focused on the case and less on the glasses themselves. The case has a power pack and can be used to recharge the glasses when stored (working...
  6. PlayStation
    with this month's Play at Home freebies? I mean, it is free stuff but for it being the last drop I'm slightly disappointed. I feel like an ungrateful choosing beggar but seriously...:mad:
  7. PlayStation
    Anyone ever play The Getaway? Tons of Gamers are eyeing and wanting The Getaway for PS5 and it might happen. I loved this game! I remember getting the game every other week when my mom would take me to Blockbuster to rent a game, probably one of the most vivid memories of my life - to simpler...
1-7 of 7 Results