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For those of us desperate to become Ser Aymeric’s neighbor in 6.1, it’s worth studying up on the new system just to make sure you’re prepared. So far, rules and updates also include changes like:

  • Removal of the land devaluation timer.
  • You must complete Litany of Peace in the main scenario to access Empyreum.
  • Free companies must have a minimum of four members and be rank six to enter the lottery.
  • Characters must be level 50 on one class/job, and Second Lieutenant or higher in their Grand Company to enter the lottery.
  • Entering the lottery requires depositing the full price of the plot.
    • Clicking the placard reveals how many people have entered the lottery.
    • You cannot withdraw once you’ve made the deposit, and you are only allowed one entry at a time.
    • Losing the lottery will relinquish your funds; visit the housing placard to retrieve them within a limited time.
    • Winning the lottery will give you a limited time to go to the placard and claim the plot.
    • There is a 50% penalty for not claiming your plot.
  • All Worlds share a lottery schedule, with the lottery period and land acquisition period lasting several days each.

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