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All Elden Ring Info available on the Internet

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Credit to Reddit user u/CounterSnipe


Elden Ring: The Big Hidetaka Miyazaki Interview - Summer of Gaming - IGN 『エルデンリング』国内独占インタビュー。フロム・ソフトウェア最大規模となる新しいダークファンタジーをディレクター宮崎英高氏が語る【E3 2021】 - ファミ通.com Поговорили с Хидетакой Миядзаки об Elden Ring. Открытый мир, мультиплеер и ядовитые болота — Игромания
Key highlights thanks to Nibellion:
Text only if you dont want to click Twitter links:
  • six major areas that function as distinct dungeons, ruled by demigod characters (you don't have to follow an order)
  • hub confirmed
  • catacombs, castles, fortresses, mini dungeons etc.
  • confident that Elden Ring will arrive on its release date
  • character creator
  • multiple endings
  • much higher degree of freedom than before
  • optional bosses
  • Battle arts from DS3 return but are not fixed to a weapon (~100 techniques)
  • Spirits can be collected and equipped apparently (summons)
  • different types of spirits (use them for assaults, as decoy, for defense etc)
  • Spirits can be improved apparently
  • There are also rather useless spirits with other traits
  • multiplayer support during exploration on the open fields (but you are not able to ride your horses in multiplayer apparently)
  • ER is more "manageable" due to the many different options the player has but there are still many tough enemies
  • fall damage is low to keep explorers motivated
  • there is a world map
  • the actual dungeons do not have a map
  • crafting system with materials
  • Miyazaki guesses playtime is maybe at 30 hours "without too many side trips"
  • asynchrous multiplayer elements return; you can apparently set up groups (with friends for example) and give their messages/dead bodies etc. higher priority (keyword system, no limit on group size)
Really good summary of the IGN interview, credit to u/MysteriousBloke
  • Jumping, riding horse
  • Summon spirits of fallen enemies as allies and tag along with them.
  • Stamina bar exists but with less influence
  • No resurrection, but other systems to keep you in the flow: Customize/craft "as you go", more healing options
  • Combine different skills (100 total) with different weapons, learn magic, more customization options.
  • Simple stealth implementation: crouch, hide in long grass, stealth attack
  • Online co-op
World structure:
  • Central hub that leads to 6 main areas in The Lands Between.
  • Each main area has a dungeon. Order to tackle them is up to the player, but there are some limitations. To help the player there is a mainline route to optionally follow.
  • Other catacombs, castles, and fortresses outside of the main dungeons are located in The Lands Between.
  • Fast travel for long distances.
  • Weapons/magic etc can be bought, but most are hidden in the open world.
  • Player is nameless blank slate, but other characters have a lot of color/ulterior motives/mystery.
  • Player is a tarnished: they have lost the grace (golden aura) of the Elden Ring / Erdtree and exiled from The Lands Between.
  • Once the Elden Ring is broken, the tarnished are called back to The Lands Between. This includes the player character, as well as other characters.
  • The main bosses of the game are the 6 demigods ("ancient gods"). They hold various shards of the Elden Ring, inherit different powers, and have become corrupted.
  • Ease of understanding balanced with a lot of depth for players to uncover.
What GRRM is credited with writing:
  • Foundation/mythos for the world.
  • The concept of the "tarnished".
  • Name of "The Lands Between".
  • The 6 demigods.
  • Game development started with the world building due to GRRM involvement, and after that game systems were developed (opposite to the usual Miyazaki style).
  • Mimics won't return in their DS form, but there will be surprises
Miyazaki quote:
I imagine there's a lot that's difficult to imagine, difficult to grasp, but as far as I'm concerned, after my 10 years or so of directing games, this really feels like a culmination of everything that I've enjoyed about game development and everything I've brought to this point. I really, really hope that as a fan of the games, you'll enjoy it.
On behalf of the whole team at From, this is a compilation of everyone's passion here and everyone's dedication, so we just were really enthusiastic about this project and we can't wait for people to play it.
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This looks good, I hub the main hub aren't the only interconnections between worlds. One thing that DS1 nailed compared to any game I've played is the whole "ah I'm here now!?" feeling when travelling. No dungeon maps give me hope that they're going to do a little bit of this at least in the dungeons :)
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