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I don't play this anymore but I played it for about a year and I think it's a pretty decent tower defense like game.

There's about 12 units you can load up and each one of them have different costs based on their unit type and rank. magic users test to cost more but they're AOE fighters. There's snipers, swordsmen, healers, beserkers etc.
their sprites are pretty cute too and voice acting is in Japanese (even though the company is Chinese)... seems to be a habit with mobile games lately :p

I used to use this page to help decide which units to level up:

There's not much customization other than when you're on the field figuring out which units to lay down.
The art is fantastic, though my only gripe with them is that all the guy units look all the same except for my husband SilverAsh

I don't really bother with reading the story because I don't think much of mobile gaming stories xD
There's a lot to read if you like that kind of thing.
Check it out if you need a new game to play.

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