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Balan Wonderworld is a title created by Yuji Naka, the former head of Sonic Team. He was the lead programmer of the original Sonic the Headgehog series on the Megadrive.
He later moved on to lead development on some legendary games from Sega like: Nights Into Dreams, Sonic Adventure, and Phantasy Star Online.
This new game of his looks like a blast from the past! The demo is out on all consoles!
Blurb from Sega:
Play the free Balan Wonderworld demo today to discover a wonderful world of wonder! Experience the full game where you can play through 12 different tales and choose the way to save the day with over 80 different costumes. Don’t forget to bring a friend to play in 2-player co-op mode. Combine your costumed powers to find new ways to overcome obstacles and vanquish villains! Balan Wonderworld is available on March 26th, 2021 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.
Check out the trailer!

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