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Ranked #19 on BoardGameGeek, Concordia is a strategy game where you build cities, trade goods, and work to get those sweet, sweet victory points. The game is a sort-of deck builder, where you start with an initial hand of cards that you build up to include other cards as the game progresses. The game also involves your workers and boats movingaround a map to control different areas and cities. A difference between this game and most deck builders is that you get your entire hand of cards all at once. Each turn you get to play one card, and then that played card moves to your discard. There is one card you can play that recovers all cards from your discard back into your hand.

One thing I find interesting about this game is that each card you have provides a point multiplier towards a specific goal. For example, a card you purchase may include points for each city you built in unique areas of the map. You can pick up more and more cards that give you points for accomplishing that same goal, creating a huge multiplier. Just don’t let your competition get too many cards of the same type, or their points will get out of control!

How to play:

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