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Dune Imperium

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The spice must flow!

Has anyone played Dune Imperium? I'm planning to play it for the first time next week with my wife and two friends. Currently it's ranked #25 on Board Game Geek.

It looks like a bit of Dominion crossed with a worker placement game, and throw in a bit of a reputation track game like Tzolk'in or Gaia Project.

Also, did you see the movie that just came out? It was fairly enjoyable, although the book is clearly better. For how much there is to cover I think the movie did a good job. Dune on Audible is very well done.
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So I finally got to play this game for the first time last night. The box says 2 hours max, but it took about 3.5 being it was our first time playing. I think future play throughs would be closer to 2 hours when playing with Max players.

The game is very well done, what I really enjoyed was how the turns played out. Most worker placement games that end up blocking spaces take a long time for each round to complete. This means it takes forever for spaces to open back up. In this game the rounds go by very quickly with each player only having 2 or 3 worker placements before the main board resets for the round.

The overall mechanics were very smooth. It's only a 10 point game to trigger the end game, so you always need to be focused on gaining points.

My wife ended up winning with 11 points while I took second place with 9. I don't know if the game deserves it's ranking so high on BGG, but I'd say it deserves to be in the top 50. It's very well done.
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