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Dungeons & Destiny Tabletop Game

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Dungeons & Destiny is a 5e role-playing game with Destiny lore.


"D&Destiny, is a free tabletop role-playing game based on the 5th edition core rules. What started out as one person's desire to possess a pet cabal war beast in a 5e game has grown into a project spanning multiple writers, artists, and game masters, all intent on delivering a fun and exciting Destiny experience in the tabletop setting.


On top of the 5e core rules, Dungeons & Destiny introduces 9 new classes, each one based on the individual subclasses of the Destiny and Destiny 2 video games, and a comprehensive yet approachable weapon system that allows players to really define the way they play the game.

All of Dungeons & Destiny's systems are designed to be compatible with 5e's rules. Whether you're just looking for cool monsters to bring into your campaign or if you're interested in delving into the full experience, D&Destiny has something for every type of tabletop player and game master."
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