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Source FF14 before this month's surge: 1.2 million active players above level 61, 250k increase since April; more players than Shadowbringers' launch News

  • 1.2 million active players (not total sub count, just people still playing regularly)
  • The number of active characters has increased by 250 000 since April
  • An increase of 5000 to 6000 active players in most NA servers since April
  • This does NOT count any characters below level 60 so no free trial players or beginners, or not even people who bought and subbed to the game but hasn't reached level 60 yet
  • ~213 000 new players who joined the game and are above lv60
  • ~231 000 returning players who stopped playing the game before April

"Active" means:
  • the character's levels and experience values have changed since the previous survey, or
  • the character's number of minions or mounts possessed has changed since the previous survey, or
  • the character is newly created since the previous survey
This means the amount of active characters is still above the last survey, even when the previous surveys counted every character above level 35 and not 61

The results are ABOVE the launch period of Shadowbringers despite being a lull period with COVID delaying the launch of Endwalker. The Endwalker expansion will be gargantuan and the peak of FF14

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