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Tyler McVicker published a new video about the state of Half-Life and Valve overall (

  • Majority of Valve lost interest in VR. Facebook won the race by scooping all good VR-devs and selling very affordable and easy to use Quest 2. Because of that, there is a lot of changes to internal projects. Their main focus is now Steam Deck and not VR
  • Project Citadel is no more a PCxVR game. Due to success of Deck devs now making this hybrid of shooter and RTS in Half-Life universe as a demonstration of Deck's capabilities. The game has a huge team, so it will be finished and revealed in the next two years
  • New Half-Life VR is still in development, but there is signs it will be cancelled: lack of interest in VR, small team (majority of Half-Life: Alyx developers are working on Steam Deck) and project is still in prototype stage without any concrete story
  • New standalone wireless VR headset is in development, but it's release is years away. Again, Valve lost interest in VR market, majority of people doesn't want to work with it, some people leaving the company to continue working with VR and this headset is currently not Valve's priority. Basically, this headset has 50/50 chances to survive
  • [CHECK UPDATE] Very small team of three people again trying to make Half-Life 3 (read the note at 02:30). Whether or not this project will survive is unknown
UPDATE: Not trying to make guy's life worse by the media who is lurking this subreddit 24/7, but the edit of Half-Life 3 segment doesn't make him any justice

In the video he's saying there is no major development in the next story-driven Half-Life game, which is true (major dev. doesn't fit with "very minor team"), but at the same time put a note with saying there is a small team making HL3 at the moment of recording the video

Later in that segment he starts to speculate that if HL3 exists at Valve the people who is working on it will not be seen as "value-generating" (thereof, the project will be cancelled)

With current edit his video implies that there is no major development in story-driven Half-Life games, but still there is currently a small group of people who is making HL3. This work might be cancelled in the future by people at Valve who doesn't see this valuable at the moment

So, the current existence of HL3 thanks to that note, that Tyler definitely now hate, is stated as a fact. The fate of this project is stated as speculation

Other things in the post are correct as far is it goes. I will change the phrasing in the HL3 bit and will contact mods to change the title

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