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IGN has learned that significant cuts have been made to 343's Halo development team. One former 343 employee impacted by the layoffs estimated about a quarter of 343's staff was impacted, although that's not a firm statistic. We've also learned that around 30 people were let go from 343's art department alone, with former employees saying 343 Industries was hit "hard with positions impacted across all disciplines."

Meanwhile, at least one senior-level source with knowledge of 343's internal workings, but who is no longer with the studio, has claimed to IGN that it is being reduced to to publishing team. However, based on conversations that IGN has had with knowledgeable sources, the situation at 343 appears to be ongoing, and there is a growing — if unconfirmed — conviction that 343 will no longer be Halo's sole developer when it's settled.

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