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This anime is technically BL but I can not tell you how much I LOVE IT.
It's an anime or donghua from a Chinese animation company called BilliBilli (which is also a youtube like site in China)

The music is fantastic, the animation is beautiful and the story (only season 1 is out) so far is really really good.
It took a while to get used to the voice acting though, since I'm used to Japanese voices, though if you want to wait, Japan is doing a voice dub soon.

It's a really popular webnovel in china but they also have a manhua/manga in the making and everything about this series screams beautiful.


tldr but no spoilers:
A young man ascends to heaven as a god for the third time and he goes on a journey to banish a certain evil in the human realm while building his karma so that he can be a really good god for his people. His memories from before he ascended are a little blurry but he's got three others travelling with him and helping him.

Even the Opening these is beautiful. If you guys end up watching this on Netflix, don't skip the Opening and Ending, it's sooo pretty to watch.


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