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Bungie's current season has been its longest, and players were wondering how the company was going to keep everyone busy until February's The Witch Queen expansion.

Cue the 30th Anniversary Pack.
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With it brings a slew of activities.

It's no secret that one of the most anticipated activities in the game are the dungeons, with this newest one being the Grasp of Avarice. Starting at the infamous 'loot cave' of D1, you delve into booby-trapped areas with the reward eventually being the legendary rocket launcher Gjallarhorn from D1. This dungeon is already in everyone's Top 3 activity list with its fun pirate theme and discoveries.
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And in a totally Bungie move, once you obtain the Gally you are eligible to pre-order a life-sized 1:1 scale
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. Currently Out-of-Stock; also a Bungie move.

Further, the pack has a free-for-everyone 6-player event called Dares of Eternity where rewards include Halo-inspired weapons such as the Magnum, Battle Rifle, Carbine, and Energy sword. The event has a light game-show theme with buffs (and de-buffs) along the way, and some obstacles in-between encounters. It's a great way to farm both exotic catalysts and the perfect roll.
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In addition to the 30th Ani Pack, we have the recently released Dawning 2021 - a wintery themed event with new ornaments, emblems, sparrows, ships, emotes, etc. to chase.
I would very much like these sparrows, please
The consensus on the new pack so far is overwhelmingly positive. It's a nice blend of nostalgia and new things, put together in a meaningful way. Some balancing issues need fixing but the Destiny subreddit isn't as salty as it usually is, and isn't that worth cheering about?
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