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Is 1080p dead?

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I'm pretty excited about the next wave of laptops being released in 2021. It sounds like a lot of them will switch from 16:9 to 16:10 aspect ratios, which is so much better in my option. Plus it looks like QHD screens are finally going to replace 1080p screens! QHD seems like the perfect middle ground between 1080p and 4k. The battery life will be a lot better than 4k, which is important to me, and I really don't think the difference is resolution between QHD and 4K would be noticeable on a 15" laptop screen.

Article about QHD gaming laptops: QHD screens might be the best thing to happen to gaming laptops in 2021
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replying this on my 1080 monitor. :s4:
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I rocked my CRT until half way through the PS3's life cycle. I'll be rocking 1080p screens until the PS7.
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