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/v/ - Projects at Toys For Bob studios - Video Games - 4chan

Comes from 4Chan so take it with a grain of salt. To summarize:

Toys For Bob is currently seeking staff for several new games.

-One of these is Crash Bandicoot 5, codenamed "Globe". It will retain the concepts made for Crash Bandicoot 4 but new artists will be called in for exclusive characters and settings. There is also talk of single player and multiplayer co-op during the story mode.

-The second game is a new IP. Codename "Plant". It's a kind of tps with a crude rabbit smoking a cigar. It looks like a Gears Of War parody.

-Spyro 4, codenamed "Luna", was cancelled during development and remade from scratch. I don't know why, but I think all the happenings regarding Blizzard and Microsoft had something to do with it

What I found interesting is user No.598952730 claims Wumpa League isn’t a thing and links a file of a developer interview (I’m not clicking the file). This is what the user says:

the two LM podcasts from last month has him talking about Crash

one of the episodes was about him talking with Rob Duenas (one of the IAT character designers) about many of the IAT artists and programmers leaving Toys for Bob episode after has a segment of him talking about seeing Wumpa League and how it's still not happening, how there are desperate Crash fans that belive its happening, and a specific crash youtuber who keeps milking WL just for the sake of his youtube channel likely CandadianGuyEh
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