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Lost Judgment Gets Tons of Screenshots Showing Minigames, Play Spots, Features, & a Good Boi

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Source Lost Judgment Gets Tons of Screenshots Showing Minigames, Play Spots, Features, & a Good Boi

Today Sega released a massive gallery of screenshots of the upcoming action game Lost Judgment, sequel of the popular Yakuza spin-off Judgment.

We start with more clubs within the School Drama part of the game, and specifically with the Boxing Club, which Yagami will join in order to investigate one of the students. There he will also experience an unexpected reunion. Boxing is similar to normal fighting, but has different rules.

Next is the Bosozoku community, which I guess could be translated with “motorcycle gang.” It’s a Japanese subculture focused on custom motorcycles and often associated with delinquency.

Of course, this involves a racing minigame. You can select among four different bikes with different performance and appearance and each can be modified.

Yagami will also find out that a student goes to a girls’ bar while lying about his age. Obviously, he’ll follow suit. At the bar, you can enjoy interacting with the girls and talking with them. By choosing the right answers during the conversations, the friendship with the girls will be enhanced. Ordering cocktails and playing darts with them also has a similar effect.

As you become more intimate with each girl, you’ll learn about their true selves and their worries, aiming to become a regular at the bar.

Another community Yagami will join is dedicated to skateboarding, where he will be able to showcase his skills.

He will also have to investigate a secret casino, the eSports club, and the photo club.

More images showcase the gadgets Yagami can use during his investigations. The Buzz Researcher lets you hack into someone’s social media and find out about problems to solve, improving your reputation as a detective.

The Sound Collector lets you detect far-away sounds that can lead to more relevant events in town.

The radio wave detector lets you locate suspicious devices like wiretapping microphones and hidden cameras.

The detective dog can follow smells and can find useful hidden items around the city, including customization parts used in minigames.

Disguises can be used to infiltrate hostile locations and there are new ones available on top of those coming from the previous game.

The “scoop” feature lets you capture important moments by snapping a picture with the right timing and conditions.

Next, we take a look at the EX Actions that can be used by filling the related gauge. If you’re familiar with the Yakuza series, you’ll probably be familiar with them. Incidentally, there’s one in which the good boi mentioned above will come to help Yagami, attacking the enemies.

We then take a look at some of the play spots in Isezaki Ijincho. Specifically, we see the skateboard park where you can enjoy the skating minigame and the VR Paradise that returns from the previous game, including the return of Dice & Cube and the drone shooting game Aiseiros.

Speaking of drones, their races also make a comeback. We can also play indoor golf, darts, shogi, the batting center, Mahjong, casino games, Koi-Koi and Oicho-Kabu (traditional card games), retro games at the game center and new ones at the Club Sega.

Incidentally, at the Club Sega you’ll be able to enjoy HAMA OF THE DEAD, a first-person shooter in which you’ll have to fight against hordes of zombies.

You can check out the massive gallery of screenshots below.

Lost Judgment is coming for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

If you’d like to learn more, you can enjoy the original announcement, the first screenshots and details, the opening cutscene, and another video showing minigames a batch of screenshots, and another extensive gameplay trailer. More videos introduce Jin Kuwana, Ryuzo Genda, Kazuki Soma, and Akihiro Ehara.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read a brief official description below.

  • Put Yagami’s distinct martial arts forms to the test in order get to the bottom of the case
  • Harness the Crane, Tiger, and new Snake stance, a graceful style that can deflect and return an opponent’s strikes, using their energy against them
  • Employ Yagami’s arsenal of detective tricks with new gadgets, stealthily tracking suspects, and crafty methods of infiltration
  • Leave no stone unturned in pursuit of the truth as you take on cases in both Tokyo and Yokohama
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