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This appeared back in April on Twitter, but i was surprised no one besides Valve Beta hunters talked about that for the whole time

Lucky 2K employee purchased concept arts from variety of Valve's projects, including cancelled Half-Life game. He said he will show more concepts in the future and even upload them online, but three months later it's sadly still didn't happen

  • On the first picture you can clearly see four Half-Life 2: Episode Three concept arts with Alyx & D0g and Combine Dropship on snowy locations, and Dr. Breen as a grub (confirming he was part of the game)
  • Also on the first pic there is concept art for Dust 2 (Remake?) and long time ago leaked art for Stars of Blood (the one with six characters)
  • On the second pic there is unknown female survivors for Left 4 Dead (probably for 1 or 2, doubt this is L4D3) and location from Dota universe (highly likely for Underlords)

I was shadowbanned back then so couldn't share it with y'all (sorry!)

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