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New map release date leaked???

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From various streamer have been hinting that they were provided a release date for the new Among Us map. These sources (primarily Among Us streamers with over 100k followers) claimed that they were contacted by InnerSloth representatives and informed of the release date, but told to keep the information secret.

Additionally a few recent fan art posts connected to valentines day have been highlighted by InnerSloth's own Twitter account.

The combination of these tweets, various 'hints' given by InnerSloth and the claimed leaked dates all point toward a Valentine's Day release of the new map and possibly a release of a Valentine's Day Theme pack.

Obviously, without any official sources, the dates can not be verified at this time, but I would suggest monitoring streamers for scheduled streams on this date. If the rumors are true, many streamers will likely schedule or plan on being online for that date. I personally will be keeping a close eye on my favorite streamers this coming weekend.
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Seems the rumors were spot on, but there were further delays which Innersloth has decided were more important than a release date.

The developers have stood firm on their stance to not rush anything and compromise quality or their staff's well being. They may be slower than we want for a release date, but I am sure it will be well worth it in the end.

Latest rumors are hinting at a possible release as early as today... I will be keeping a close eye on the game over the next few days as I suspect this will be dropping very soon.
It's official now! March 31st is the announced release date for the new maps.

So make your plans for the release and get ready to cover your SUS trail!
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