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New Trials (of Osiris) is a hit!

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Destiny's PVP endgame content that is Trails has had a tumultuous run since its launch.
With each season, the Trails tweaks never hit the mark, and maybe that was due to Bungie's focus on PVE. I tend to stay away from PVP, and especially Trails for those same unbalancing issues, but the new Trails revamp has everyone excited. Why? Accessibility.

Normally, 'accessibility' would be considered a curse word - and for good reason. 'Accessible' in games tends to relate to 'easy' or 'watered-down.' However this time around, Bungie seems to have struck the right balance between accessibility and loot.

Take a look at the Trails report below and you'll see that in its first week it already surpassed its previous record for most matches played.

Clearly Bungie are onto something, and the community is very much looking forward some more PVP focus in the future.
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