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First off a very Happy New Year to everyone :)

So I figured I'd ask what everyone is looking forward to gaming wise over the next 12 months. Got my own lsit at the ready, feel free to add your own.

1. Starfield, a release date hasn't been set yet but it is marked for 2022, looking forward to this as I'm a huge Skyrim fan but I'll believe it's real when it's actually out.

2. Pokemon Legends: Arceus, I don't think this will be an early buy or anything but I'm tentatively looking forward to this.

3. Sonic Frontiers, I'm a life long Sonic fan almost so yeah I'll be picking this up without a doubt, not much is known so far.

4. Chocobo GP, I like a fun Kart racer, I love Final Fantasy, seems like a good mix.

5. WWE 2K22, I'm also a Wrestling mark.

6. Ghostwire: Tokyo, I don't know what it is but this game has had my attention since the inital trailer, admittedly my interest has wavered a little but I'll still probably give it a chance.

7. Hogwarts legacy, I enjoyed the old PS2 Harry Potter games, this looks decent but again no actual release date, just marked 2022 at the moment.

8. System Shock (Remake): Again not convinced it'll be relased in 2022 but I've wanted to dive into the SS games for a while.

There are probably a few others I haven't remembered to add but there is quite a few already here, 2021 was a little on the dry side for me but 2022 in terms of releases is looking far more strainful on my wallet.

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1. Elden Ring
2. FF 16
3. Did I say Elden Ring?
4. God of War Ragnarok
5. Starfield coming out this year? I guess Bethesda does have a habit of announcing release date within 6 month
6. Horizon Forbidden West

Can't think of anything on top of my head at the moment, will add more later~
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