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Samsung Display Co. has filed a design for a foldable handheld game console. It looks a LOT like the Nintendo Switch Lite, with a similar twin joystick and button layout but without the + and - buttons. Samsung makes the displays for the Switch and Switch Lite, which makes me think this may be a Switch Fold, but it's unlikely for Samsung to register the filing and not Nintendo. It's just as possible Samsung is planning its own product.

The ABXY buttons are also in a different arrangement than either Nintendo's or even the XBox's, with the A on top, B on the right, X on the left and Y at the bottom. That's annoying, if you're used to Nintendo's or Microsoft's arrangement.

Rectangle Font Drawing Line art Illustration

There are holes in the center of the D-pad and ABXY cluster, with the buttons in the actual curvature. Why does it have holes? To fit the joysticks when it's folded. Note the two shoulder buttons on each top corner. A volume switch and headphone jack plus two grills on top. There's a rectangular flap that looks a bit like the cover for the Switch game card port, but may just be for SD cards.

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There are four circles on the back. Can't tell if they are screw holes or serve some other purpose. The two on the left look different than on the right, but it's hard to tell their function just from these drawings. A USB-C port on the bottom, with two speaker grills.

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