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Season of the Chosen - Roadmap

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A few quick notes now that the new season is available as of today.
  • A couple of classic strikes come back, along with the addition of a new one
  • Power Level updated; Soft cap is 1250, hard cap is 1300. Everyone starts at 1100.
  • Trials is (finally) back
  • A new mode called Battlegrounds will make its way to the game where matchmaking allows you to tackle multiplayer activities. There will be a total of 4 locations, with Behemoth & Hailstone available with the new season update. Cleansing will open Feb 16th, and Oracle on Feb 23rd.
  • Guardian Games makes a return to the game on April 20th. We'll see if the Titans can repeat their victory.
Also hotfixes!

Check out Update 3.1.0. alongside the new season
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