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So who has played Valhalla?

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Series X version for me. I think when I last played, my save was showing around 83 hours played. Main campaign and the Order was all done. I still have Asgard to finish (hated it) and a few side quests. Also need to finish unlocking the ret of the map (should have maybe 10 sync points left?).

Despite the game being shockingly glitchy at times, its probably one of my favorite games of the past few years. Fantastic map, fun combat, tons to unlock and do. Campaign definitely dragged at times but never to the point of wanting to stop playing.

It also had a nice easter egg for fans of History's Vikings, which I thought was cool. I also found the story told a bit better than what's on display with the tv show. Especially with the background of some of the characters vs the show (Ivar for example).

Will update with some random screenshots later.
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I haven't picked it up yet, but may give it a shot soon.

I am currently trying to play through some of the earlier games in the Assassin's Creed series and was considering adding this to my library when I get to it. I am in the middle of Assassin's Creed 2 at the moment.
Honestly, the AC name feels tacked on to this game. The viking stuff all stands on its own and I could have honestly done without the rest. But it does help to flesh out the the AC lore some more (which I really don't care too much about). Its probably the best AC game for me and one of the more enjoyable open world games.

I do hope for the next game, the focus is put back on stealth, secrecy, all that fun stuff. It needs to go back to its roots.
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Some random screens.

My longship:


Vikings tv show easter egg


Me all decked out in my final gear set (which is actually pretty much my starting gear)


Annnnnnnd the lieutenant of my raiding crew glitching out

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Hahah those screenshots are epic. Especially Mr. LionMerman. What a majestic beast.

I'm waiting to play this one on a next gen console or decent PC. I loved Origin to pieces. I 100% that game and I'm nearly done the DLCs. Odyssey was fun, it just became a little too much at some point. Would you consider this one to be the better one of the modern AC games?
Its definitely my favorite AC. I think its WAY better than Origin but I also consider this far less of an AC game. Its more focused and doing side stuff feels more organic and organized - which is probably why I have like 80 hours into the game. The main game takes around 50 hours fyi.

The world itself tho, thats the real winner for me. It was so fun to explore it....and the map is HUGE.

I was not a fan of Origin and threw in the towel after 10 hours or so.
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