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For a few seasons (on and off) Bungie's exotic fusion rifle Telesto was the meta, or at least in the mix, as a must have for your loadout in certain scenarios. The weapon creates dozens of tiny bombs, and this tricky behaviour seems to continue to give Bungie a few headaches. The glitch comes when its paired with the Thermoclastic Blooming mod artifact, where a player can quickly and easily create orbs to fill their supers in seconds rather than over the course of a few minutes with ad kills.

Here it is before being taken offline

This scenario does not bode well for PVP or Gambit players who are unaware of the behaviour.

Having an unintended OP weapon in the game can be extremely fun. Fans of the game will recall the days of the Prometheus Lens' glorious red laser beams of death. Instead of disabling the weapon, Bungie embraced the glitch for a short period of time by not only keeping it in the game, but also making it available to anyone that wanted it (through Xur), as well as rewarding players with the relevant "Prismatic Inferno” emblem to anyone that took part in the PVP craziness. It was a clever move on behalf on Bungie.

Prometheus Lens: Red Laser Beams of Death

This new Telesto glitch, however, would also make endgame content a breeze. And so, back into the vault the Telesto goes until Bungie figures out a fix. Past issues with the Telesto made for easier outings in The Blind Well and The Menagerie. Let's hope it doesn't stay locked away for too long.
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