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These last few weeks leading up to The Witch Queen release on Feb 22nd is the calm before the storm. Busy-body Guardians have been out there tidying up their vault, getting all mats in order, and grinding some good weapon rolls in anticipation for next season's meta.

So let's unpack this week's TWAB that covers what to expect on Feb 22!

Power Levels
1350 Base Level -
When the Witch Queen drops, everyone below 1350 will be bumped up to that base level.
1500 Soft Cap - Through general activities, players will power level to a soft cap of 1500. This includes chests, and rare and legendary drops.
1550 Power Cap - After hitting 1500, players can only reach 1550 by completing Powerful reward activities such as vendor challenges.
1560 Hard Cap - The last 10 power levels to 1560 can be achieved by completing high level endgame content such as raids, and other PVE activities. PVP activities include Trails of Osiris and the rotating Iron Banner.

Rare Drops (Blue Engrams)
Having to go to the postmaster because of a stockpile of blue engrams should no longer be a regular occurrence. Blues will stop dropping for playlist activities to help prevent interrupting play by having to clear out your Postmaster inventory. These activities will instead drop Legendaries or Shards.

Gunsmith Materials
Spend your gunsmith materials & weapon telemetries right now because after Feb 22 those consumables will be removed from your inventory. Looks like Banshee is also getting a similar rep system to that of Zavala.

Master Rahool
With The Tangled Shore being vaulted, so will our contentious associate Spider. Spider's daily material exchange offerings will transfer to Rahool. Rahool will also be able to decrypt umbrals, however, should you still want to focus those umbrals you will still need to travel to The Helm to do so.

Hawkmoon & Dead Man's Tale will now be available amongst the weekly rotation when Xur visits. A handful of exotic catalysts will be available as possible rewards through playlist activities.

The Raid
March 5th. Hold onto your butts!

For all the details you can visit Bungie's TWAB
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