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Upcoming Indie Games 2021(?)

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If you've been following indie games you know that a release date should never be believed.
Here are some games I'm looking forward to that may or may not come out in 2021!

EastWard - Developed by Pixpil and Published by Chucklefish.

The Last Night - Developed by Odd Tales and Published by Raw Fury

LIttle Devil Inside - Developed and published by Neostream Interactive

That's all I have time to post! Feel free to post some of your most anticipated indie games!
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Another beautiful game I forgot to mention. I cannot wait to plug in my headphones and allow the game to envelope me in it's beauty.

Not sure, but I think powerwashing simulator is probably an indie game? It looks like it could be satisfying! 😄 Still early access though, so I don't think I'll get it yet.

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