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Webbed - Cutie Pie Arachnoventure game!

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Webbed is the story of a happy little spider on an adventure to save her boyfriend from a big mean bowerbird.
World Leaf Plant Grass Woody plant

Explore the dangerous wilderness with nothing but your webs and your wits. Practice the art of web swinging to speed your way through the world!
Brown Product Rectangle Orange Wood

Leave your own unique mark by spinning webs through the interconnected world. Stick webs to almost anything and use them to create your own paths.
Font Tree Urban design Art Building

Make friends with bugs, and dance with them. Some bugs could use a little help from a friend and might even join your rescue effort in return!

It's out now on Steam! $9.99 USD!
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Love the art style! Not sure how they managed to make a spider so cute haha
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