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What Game Pass games would you recomend?

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I used to rent a game every Friday after school, every week until Block Buster shut down.
With Game Pass I get that same feeling of walking into my local dusty Block Buster to rent a copy of the freshest game on the way home from school on a Friday evening. Without the chance that all four of the copies of the new hotness have already been taken out. Game pass is a steal. And I'd recommend you subscribe to it, before they realize that you're stealing from them and charge up the butt for it!

There are so many great title on the system. Here are a few of the ones I would recommend you give a shot.

The Messenger

Tetris Effect

Monster Sanctuary

The ENTIRE Gears of War series

Monster Hunter World

Dragon Quest 11

I could go on forever. Check the list HERE for yourself! Let me know what games you would recommend on that list!
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Tetris Evolution is alot of fun and doesn't take very long to beat. I would not recommend playing online, unless you want your soul to be crushed in under 5 minutes.
I would suggest at the very least downloading the free games. This locks in your digital license. You can delete them if you decide not to play them, but then you always can redownload them later.

Once the deal expires, the games always return to their normal market prices.

I learned this trick early on with the 'games with gold' promotion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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