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As it's from 4chan, so take a grain of salt

Part 1: About the combat system:
Melee combat is based on the five elements (wood, water, fire, metal and earth). The five elements are five different combat styles. For example, the fire style will make you more aggressive, the water style focuses on counterattacks and the earth style focuses on defense. Switching styles at a specific point will rise your morale (like Ki flux in Nioh).
Defense is the core mechanic, you can cancel other moves with defense for attack/defense transition, it's a very smooth move and has a Chinese Kung Fu movie feel to it. Different weapons have different counter moves, some of which can kill normal enemies in one hit, and the execution moves are very brutal.
Morale system is another core system. The more enemies you kill and the more successful reflection/counterattack you have, the more morale bar will rise. Higher morale will fear the enemies on the field and they will cower, making it more favourable for you to attack, but elite enemies and bosses require higher morale. If you get hit hard and your morale will drop, lower morale bar makes enemies more aggressive but it strength your defense.
You can go to an easy battle to rise your morale before going to a difficult situation, that will make the game a little easier. Although the game does not have a difficulty option, morale is like a dynamic difficulty. Morale can also be used to unleash some ultimate skills (like Ninja Gaiden).
You can jump to dodge some attacks and then step on the heads of enemies and attack them in the air to hit them hard. You can step on the first enemy's head while running to jump higher and stronger attack to the enemies behind. Jumping allows you directly attack the archers on the wall instead of using your bow before. There are also different landing attacks.
Part 2: About the setting
The first three chapters are the Yellow turban rebellion, ten attendants, and the campaign against Dong Zhuo.
You can fight many famous characters. The one in the trailer who took the pill is Zhang Jue, the leader of the yellow turban army, and Yokai shift is his second phase. He can use various spells.
Lu Bu is really challenging, he is the boss of Hulao pass, his weapon and armor can be obtained after defeating him.
Other main bosses include Dong Zhuo, Zhang Rang, Hua Xiong, Li Jue & Guo Si (double boss fight). Sub bosses include Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.
Many yokai/demon bosses in this game and four perils from Chinese mythology will also make an appearance.
Human bosses drop unique weapons and armor which have different skills or effects; Demon bosses drop spells and other skills.
Spells are based on the eight trigrams and Yin Yang. Your spell master is Zuo Ci (a famous Fangshi from three kingdoms period), the items used to cast spells are talismans and pills.
Weapons include Jian (sword), dual swords, Dao (single-edged sword, also includes ring-pommel dao), Zhanmadao (great sword), Guduo (hammer, and the mace is caled Jili, Tie bian is there too), Guandao (glaive), long rod, spear, halberd, shield, Yue (axe), meteor hammer & rope dart, dagger, bow and crossbow. There is no rifle & cannon or anything like that, because gunpowder had not been invented in the three kingdoms period.
Bow has a skill tree now, it is no longer limited to normal attacks in Nioh. You can learn skills by fighting characters who are good with bow, but melee combat is still important.
Other details:
The dragon in the trailer is a boss in the fire of Luoyang city mission.
Loot system still exists, it's simpler than Nioh, but there are still various builds.
Character creation is similar to Nioh, seems like you can share character appearance via code.
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