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I'm still running an Xbox One X. I tried hard to get a Series X when pre-orders went live, but was unlucky with site crashes and could not secure a pre-order. Still haven't been able to find one without paying $1k+ on ebay. That got me thinking, do I really NEED a Series X. Short answer is probably not. Do I still want one, you bet I do. While I have no issues at all with the One X, I'm most looking forward to the instant switching between games without having to load them again. The bump in frame rate might be nice too. I'm just not sure if it's really worth it at this time or not.

For those that were lucky enough to get a hold of a Series X, let me know what you like about it? Are you happy with your decision to purchase? It is REALLY worth it over the One X or simply a nice luxury item?
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